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The Beginnning Fly Tying Class is structured so that you learn about the basics building upon hook design, thread types, materials and techniques. This allows you to build a solid bases using 10-12 of the more common patterns in fly tying.

The first class covers the tools and materials needed for the class. There is also a short segment on what tools and materials will cost and how to cut costs. Plus a demonstration of a common streamer. The Wooly Bugger!!!!!

The second session is on steelhead flies and there proper construction, starting with the hook, thread and materials. We also begin our conversation on proper contruction and proportions of the fly.

The third class is based on how to tye a typical Wet fly or Nymph pattern. Proportions and materials again are emphasized as they are the tools which get you a great looking fly.

The 4th session is about the basic dry flies which we all love to fish but hate to tye due to their difficulty and material costs. I will again stress the learning about materials and how to purchase will in the long run provide you with the ability to reduce costs. Especially with the Dry flies!!!!!! During this session we drive home the need for proper construction and proportions using entomology as the basis for our discussion.

Occasionally there is a 5th session to cover things missed.

The basic list of flies tyed are as follows

Wooly Bugger

Green Butt Skunk

Prince Nymph
Bead Head October Caddis
Pass Stone Fly Nymph

Elk Hair Caddis

Muddler Minnow as a Demonstrator pattern.

Please contact us over the phone about these classes as not all times are open for fly tying.

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