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The Kalama river is best fished during the fall when the river converts to fly fishing only in the area between the pipeline at Mahhafeys store and the intake at the first hatchery. You may choose to also fly fish the Kalama river during other peak times due to its smaller nature and access points. This provides the angler the opportunity to fish an extended amount of time during the year. Contact us about other times you may wish to fly fish here.

The Kalama river is a navigatable river allowing access to all shore lines that have public access points.

Our trips on the Kalama are dependednt upon water levels when using a boat thus most boat trips are done in the late fall, winter, spring and early summer. As the summer water levels reach their lowest we usually only provide walk in trips lasting 4-6 hours at reduced rates depending on the length of time required by client. A typical half day trip lasting 4-6 hours is 200.00 for one person and $150.00 per person for two people. Full day rates run $300.00 for one person and $250.00 per person for 2 people. Sales tax applies to all trips within the state of Washington since it is consumed inside the boundaries of Washington.

Food, snacks and drink are provided during the trips.

The Kalama river is renouned for its summer run steelhead on a fly with many fish taken below both hatcherys.

Again our main focus is using switch rods on this stream with sinking leaders and tube flies. We feel this allows the customer the best opportunity for success covering most of the water effeciently. Again we also use strike indicators with nymph and egg patterns when we feel the need arises. Many times we will fly fish right from the boat using either technique depending on the day and situation. Anyone wishing to use a single hand rod is welcome here.

As mentioned earlier we will provide all your equipment for fishing including rod, reel, lines, leaders, flies and instruction. Unfortunately we must ask that you provide the waders, boots, rain gear and fishing license. If a person wishes to use his own equipment he may bring it along to use. We always bring extra gear just incase the need arises.

Please feel free to drop us a phone call or email us about one of our custom fly fishing guide trips on the Kalama river. All trips must be arranged by calling or emailing. This ensures that we book the correct dates and amounts for your trip. We look forward to your call.

John Kendall, Owner Guide
Black Heron Fly Fishing
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Longview, Washington
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