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Learn the proper way to cast a spey rod and youll never go back!!!!!!!

This is what we teach when you come to us as a beginner or a more advanced student. If your casting back handed , we will show you how to correct these bad habit and increase the distance you cast in short order.

The casts we cover in the Skagit class are as follows, Double Spey, Snake Roll, Snap T, Circle Spey and Single Spey. These casts and their reverse casts on the left side will allow you to completely change your ability to effectively catch fish on all streams.

During this class we also talk about the equipment , Rods, Reels and Lines needed to be successful. Which include the use of sinking tips, Sinking leaders and how to maximixe your efforts.

Many folks feel that spey rods are to expensive. Come and talk with us and learn how to maximize your efforts in terms of buying equipment. You will be amazed at the cost benefits to buying a spey rod or switch rod.

Leader construction and knots are also covered during this class.

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