Black Heron Fly Fishing

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The Black Heron Fly Casting class is a comprehensive class covering the equipment, Rod Reel and Line and how they are matched and balanced. The basics of rod design and construction are covered along the action of the rod and how it contributes to the ease of casting.

The fly reel is also covered talking about the types of construction Tooled or Tooled diecast and their advantages and disadvantages. The types of drags are also covered.

The fly line is an essential portion of your equipment and we cover the 4 major types. Weight forward, Double Taper, Sinking tip and Sinking line and their uses.

We also speak about the use of sinking leaders and their relation to sinking tips and regular leaders. A new subject not covered by most instructors.

The balance of your system is covered in detail during the first session and how it effects the performance of your rod reel and line.

During the second session we show two videos:
Anatomy of a trout stream with Rick Hafele and Basic Fly Casting by Joan Wulff. These video give you a great advantage in the immediate future allowing you to see what the insects look like and how to properly cast using the four major casts: Roll Cast, Straight Line Cast, False Cast and Change of Direction cast.

The Third and Fourth sessions are devoted to actual casting on the water or in a park depending on the instructors needs.

We also cover the basic knots needed to be successful: Improved Cinch Knot, Surgeons Loop, Triple Surgeons Knot and Nail Knot.

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